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I need a Headlight / Bulb for my Honda Express nc50!

Don't worry... even though your Honda Express NC50 could be 31 years old, you can still get a replacement headlight for it. You have many options to choose from. I will list some suggestions below to get you started. If you do choose to purchase a new headlight, you should know it will also fit the following Honda Moped models:

NC50 - Honda Express - 1977-1983 Yrs.
NA50 - Honda Express - 1979-1981 Yrs.
PA50 - Honda Hobbit - PA50 I & PA50 II Model's - 1978-1983 Yrs.

Purchase a "converted" headlight - cost $27.99 (+shipping). This is where you get the most BANG for your buck. If you purchase a converted one it looks just like the stock sealed beam except you can replace just a $2.99 bulb if the bulb burns out. It comes with one 6v 15w 15w bulb included:

Purchase an over-priced headlight - cost $64.99 (+$15 shipping) OUCH!. You can seach it on Ebay: CLICK HERE.

"Convert" the headlight yourself - cost $2.99 for bulb (+time spent soddering). Some people have had success and others have said it's too much work. You decide, but it is the cheapest option.

Quote from person who had tried to convert:

"I have tried the honda express headlight repair and i don't recommend it. while it is true that you can swap bulbs, you must first remove the old bulb, cut out some of the sheet metal so the new bulb will fit through, and then put in the new bulb the problem i have found is that the original bulb is much taller than any replacement bulbs i have have found, and that severely affects the focus of the light. the original bulb is tall so that the light source sits and the "focal point" of the convex reflective surface, which means that the headlight beam is in the proper focus. when you put in a shorter aftermarlet bulb, it does not sit a the correct position (the focal point) and thus the headlight beam is not at all focussed and you get this very wide beam that spreads out all over the place but is not very bright. you don't need a large, spread out beam - you need a small focussed one that is bright. for that reason, i have decided to cough up the $ and buy the factory headlight."

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Tristan said...

you can also buy brand new from honda for about 35 bucks, its the way to go over ebay or shitty converted lamps

jfk said...

Tristan... can you give a URL link to the honda company that you can buy online for $35? What is the best way you suggest to do this... walk into Honda ATV shop and ask to order part?

Suzanne said...

Where do I go to purchase the bulb? Thanks!

jfk said...

First off... I just re-read Tristan's comment about the "shitty" converted lamps. What was he/she talking about? I purchase 2 years ago and they are AMAZING. Why spend the $$$ every time the bulb burns to replace the WHOLE unit... when you can purchase the converted lamp and just replace the bulb for like $2.99. Do the math... it just makes sense.

Suzanne, I'm more confused than you are. "Where do I go to purchase the bulb?"... You click the link above that says:

Beatrice Cycle:

And then just buy it... oh... and send me $15 for telling you about it. ;)


al said...

I have a question about the brakelight on my 77 express. It seems that when the bike is idle and running the back light is on, when I use the brake line it seems as though it dulls the brakelight rather than make it brighter to show I am braking/stopping. Anyone know what may be the cause of this? It would be greatly appreciated!


jfk said...


Is the moped running or idling when you are testing the break-light? You are correct that the rear break-light should be illuminated when idling. However, if idling and you use the break... it WILL dull rather than brighten, because the bulb is trying to get more current to be even brighter but can't. Your moped has to be running and generating enough current (not idling) to fully illuminate it.

Make sense? I can try to explain more if ya' need.

Take the ped out at night and drive around. Look behind you when you use the break... does the taillight illuminate more? It should.


al said...


Thanks for the reply man! I took it for a spin and both the headlight and tail light illuminate at night great. But when I pull the brake, the headlight and tailight go very dull. Even after riding around for about 15-20 min. It looks like there are 2 filaments on the actual tail light bulb itself. When idling/running, one filaments is bright, and it looks like when I pull the brake, the second filament for the brake light brarely works, almost as if its going to burn out soon.

Here is a link to my forum thread describing my problem:,2680370

Thanks for the help. Its greatly appreciated!

Sk8er said...


Do you have an email I could contact you at? I dont want to clutter up the blog with my posts.

Thanks man!

Justin said...

I got my Express running for the first time today and rode a couple of miles through the neighborhood. It's a fun little scooter.

jfk said...


NICE!!! If you do any work to it or make any performance tuning videos... let me know. I'll post them for the public.


jfk said...


Email me at (remove the ~ symbols):


delta88 said...

I currently run my express without a battery.
when I try to hook it up to the connections the ped just wants to cut out.
Im using a 4Ah SLA battery. All of my bulbs are blown and when I check voltage on hte battery connections I get 6v AC or 2 VDC max. I can only guess im getting 6VAC becasue the power is generating circuit is so crude that the wave form is not clipped enough to display as a DV voltage.
From what else I can tell the Diode is good too.
And the other thing is I have no ignition, all threee wires are just twisted together.
I started to look at the wiring diagram and I think this might be part of the issue as only two wires should be hooked together?

delta88 said...

Fixed: all four wires from the ignition where removed and 3 twisted together leaving the ground out. After sorting out the ign wires the horn works.

Currently running with a SLA (sealed lead acid) 4Ah 6VDC battery under the seat with the coil/condenser repositioned and cushioned with High density foam and the Styrofoam removed.

All of the bulbs are burnt out. There was an 1157 in the rear taillight but an 1158 seams more appropriate. Still looking for the speedo and high-beam bulbs.

Will you post an outcome regarding the replaceable bulb can you used?

Anonymous said...

I have just put two 1980 honda express mopeds back on the road. I am the original owner. They are in very good condition. The only problem is that the headlight keeps blowing in both of them. I don't remember when they stopped working. Both scooters run well. I replaced the batteries in both of them but it didn't help. Any suggestions?

jfk said...


YOU NEED TO GET TWO NEW BATTERIES! When the batteries are dead or not functioning properly... your head lights will blow out. Look around on this blog... there is postings of where and what battery to buy. I think you can even get a discount. That is my suggestion. By the way... CONGRATS on the resurrection! The peds thank you.


Anonymous said...

I already replaced the batteries. Brand new with a good charge. They were the exact batteries that came out of the moped. I thought that would solve the problem, but it blew anyway. I just ordered two new modified headlights (per the blogs suggestion) with the replaceable bulb. A honda mechanic told me that it could be the rectifier. Is that possible?

jfk said...

Wow... new batteries, hunh? Ok... let's blame it on the old headlights. Perhaps it was just their time to go. Post back when you get the new bulbs installed. I have done research in the past on the rectifier... but it is really hard to believe that's what's wrong, because they are very simple components. I would assume you would have to put a HUGH charge through them to ruin them. I have gone through a dozen of bulbs and batteries and rectifier has always held up.

Again, post back on the new lights after you install and test them. Do you have any pictures of your peds you can email me? I'll post them on the site. (been a while since last post).

My email is above in posts.


Anonymous said...

Also, the original headlights were out when I first put the mopeds back in action. I bought two new headlights from Honda, the original ones, and they both blew out in each of the pads. I bought two more NEW headlights (for $40 bucks each!) and on the advice of a mechanic, i changed one of the rectifiers...put another new bulb in....and it also blew. Then I found on your site the advice to change the batteries....which I did. Put the last bulb in that I had and it blew out after about a minute of use. So now I just ordered the new modified headlights so if they blow again at least I can change just the bulb. HELP!

Anonymous said...

Just want to report back that I received the two new modified headlights, installed them, and they are working great! The only issue I have is that the high beam doesn't work but I can live with that. My guess is that although I had two brand new batteries when the last two lamps blew is that maybe the batteries were not fully charged

Anonymous said...

Here is my update. Received two new modified headlights and installed them. Had to clip the double socket blue wire from the old lamps and install it on the new one. Not sure what the two blue wires were for, but I did it anyway. The headlights did not blow and they are working great! My guess is that the last two new genuine headlights blew because maybe the batteries, which were also new, were not fully charged. Everything working great now! I will send you pics if you can send me your email address. My email jsantoro@

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