Thursday, August 27, 2009

What does a Honda Express Moped look like?

In case you are interested in restoring an older model Honda Express, you might want to see some pictures of what they should look like. Or, perhaps you want to see if others have done some modding (modification) from their stock look and feel. Either way...

You can find lots of 1978 model pictures here:

Moped Army:

Here are a few floating around on Google Images:

4 noped comments:


A study in minimalist design, at least until the point where they designed the drive train, and then blew it and went all out crazy complicated in some bizarre effort to make it some kind of low maintinence consumer good. A simple drive chain and pedals would of sufficed and been far easier to work on and understand. Ultimately, its the owner who has to do all the work on these things. Interesting placement of the gas tank over the rear wheel.

jfk said...

The simplicy is the key with the 1978 express honda nc50 model. :)

I agree with the placement of the gas tank. I have previously owned a honda hobbit pa-50I and the tank was over the down-tube.

I like the honda express design, but do feel the center of gavity on the ped is a little off.

thanks for your comment choppergirl.

Jorge Luis said...

I need the "Electrical Fault Finding" and General Tuning/Moped/2-Stroke but I can't because my Membership is pending. "The community administrator has not yet approved your application"
My e-mail is Can you send me this two manuals?
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I do have an extra case...bmizell31m@GMAIL.COM

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