Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Drain Bolt Honda Express Moped - Where Is it?

I recently have seen the question, "Where is the transmission drain-bolt for my Honda Express moped located?"

Well, here it is (click picture to enlarge):

It is recommended that you drain your transmission oil and replace with new oil every 24 months or 2,000 miles - regular service period - change at month or mileage, whichever occurs first.

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Ashley Hiott said...

Where can I get a gasket for a 1981 nc50?

jfk said...

Hey Ashley,
I did a little research. You have a couple options available to you for a new 1981 Honda Express nc 50 transmission gasket. DON'T BUY A USED ONE!

1. Make Your Own - Go to PepBoys or Advanced Auto Parts or probably any other automotive parts dealer in your area and ask for couple feet of gasket material. If you have your old but broken gasket you can trace it on the new material and cut it out. If the old honda gasket is too far gone you can apply some water-based paint to the "L. Cover" of the transmission where the gasket would sit. Then you press the "L. Cover" to the gasket material. This will provide a contact-template for you to cut out and make the new gasket. I have personally done this and it works well.

2. Buy New - To get your new Express nc50 gasket you could purchase directly from CMS website. Here is the list to "L. Crankcase Gasket" - OEM#: 11395-GA6-670 - Product#: 11395GA6670 (price is OK. about 9.50 Euros):

Let me know if that helps or you have any more questions.


Anonymous said...

you could go t your local honda dealer

KnotKnormal said...

Another tip: if you have the old gasket - lay it on the new material, then use some spray paint to dust the outline onto the new one. For all the holes, get yourself a hole punch kit ( for just a few bucks - a must have if you cut your own gaskets.

quaff said...

Where is the transmission refill for my Honda Express moped located?


quaff said...
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quaff said...

I downloaded the service manual and found out were. I didn’t see the bolt one my cycle because it was covert with gunk.


Unknown said...

im trying to find the size of drain bolt on a Honda express 1980. mine broke so I want to know where to get or what size so I can replace. its not the fill plug its the lower bolt.

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