Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Popular Mechanics - Honda Express Moped article

Honda Express is an ideal short-distance commuter. It's light (about 120 lbs. with a tank of gas and oil), and very easy to ride. Unlike a moped, it has no pedals. A unique system allows easy starting. You simply press down the start lever with your foot two or three times to "wind the starter up." Then you pull a lever and the engine starts. The 49-cc two-stroke engine will propel the Express at a maximum speed of about 30 mph. The clutch is automatic, and there are no gears to shift. It has turn signals, lights, horn, and is licensable for the street (if licenses are required). Gas mileage is over 100 mpg. Ideal for short trips, the Honda Express NA 50 costs $455 (back in 1980). A less expensive version is also available.

Using online calculators... I estimated a brand-new Honda Express NA 50 would cost approximately $1,161.62 today! (using a 155.31% inflation rate)

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Tim said...

Dig those groovy helmets!

jfk said...

Not only are they moped riders... but they're astronauts!

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