Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Honda Express Moped Scooter Repair - Series Part 1

You have just returned for an exciting trip to a yard sale with your new winnings resting in the back of your truck. You just could not believe you bought a Honda Express moped off a guy for $50 bucks. He told you it used to run and you can see it only has a few hundred miles on the odometer.

What luck! You're excited and wouldn't have been able to guess this morning that you would have a piece of Honda moped history sitting in your garage. Heck... the moped could be older than you - having been made in 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, or 1981. Perhaps you remember riding one of these when you were a child. You can vividly remember the joy as your brothers or sisters used to zip around your neighborhood.

"But... wait!" you think. How do I get my new honda scooter running? What model is this moped? Is it a Honda Express, Express II, Express SR, Urban Express? What is the top speed of my nc50 moped? Where can I get Honda Urban Express parts? Where can I get a honda express manual? What is the best express moped oil to use?

You head begins to swim with aniexty and questions. You think, "What did I get myself into?" But then, you take a deep breath and realize life is too short to worry and thank God you found a Honda Express moped blog / forum like this one!

Now... let's begin the process of restoring that beautiful vintage honda moped. In the next few blog posts I will walk you through some important steps to restore and repair you newly aquired "eco-friendly" moped.

Will be posting moped scooter repairs series this week. Stay tuned...

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cmancantfixthishonda!!!!! said...

Hey. Help needed here. I got a Honda express for 80. Ran 5 yrs ago when the guy put it in his garage. Obviously, the battery needed replaced. I also replaced the spark plug. The guy had gotten it converted to run on a gas/ oil mix and nothing in the oil tank. There was quarter tank of gas in it for 5 yrs. my dad and I just picked it up and turned it upside down to drain it out. Put fresh gas/oil in and wind it and push the left break to start it but it just "sputters" would be a word to describe it. One mabee 2 sec but doesn't actually start up. Chokes up. What would you do? It would probably be good to clean the carb and go from there. Will try in the morning and update u, but ur expertise would be greatly appreciated. If you email me I will send u my number and text you videos. Jerseymeadows2742@gmail.com

cmancantfixthishonda!!!!! said...

Let me know if u haven't tips

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