Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Honda Express Moped Scooter Repair - Series Part 2

Let's start fixing that 1978 Honda express scooter of yours. You will need the right tools to begin your work. Here is a list of items/tools that will make your honda moped restoration experience simpler:

  • Husky 6-In-1 Screwdriver - Phillips, Slotted, & Nut Driver (The Home Depot)

  • European Metric Socket & Open Ended Wrenches (Crafsman Sears)
  • Rags
  • Moped Carburetor Cleaner (see previous post for suggested carb cleaner)
  • Automotive Spill Tray (or cheaper system - use old newspaper to absorb spills)
  • Paper & Pencil (take notes and measurements)
  • Digital Camera (to document - incase you forget something goes back together)
  • Moped Honda Manual (see previous post for manuals online)

  • Box, Zip-Lock Bags, or Other Container (to store bolts and screws after removing from moped)

Next honda blog post will cover where to begin the restoration (honda moped performance tuning) after you have gathered all your nessesary tools.

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jfk said...

"kinda gay as far as mopeds go"... Come on! Really. I know it doesn't look like a PUCH or VESPA, but come on. I guess everyone is allowed to have their own option about the honda express moped. I really like it for the "minimalistic" nature. It just screams fun! Just hop on give it a little gas and you're gone. I REALLY like the feature of pulling your honda scooter up to the gas pump and putting the gasoline directly into the tank... NO MIXING!

I'll tell you now... should have scooped that $50 ped up. You could EASILY make that money back in selling parts online... no joke.


"A moped is only as good as its rider."- Mr. T. (hahaha)

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