Monday, February 22, 2010

1978 Honda Express Left Crank Case - Transmission

I am trying to help a fellow express scooter owner find a 1978 Honda Express moped left crank case. See below for a diagram of what I am talking about exactly:

If you have this part please contact me by posting a comment to this post.

Please leave your e-mail and how much you are willing to part with your honda express left crankcase cover.

4 noped comments:

James said...

I've got one but unfortunately I'm in New Zealand! If you're willing to cover shipping I'll part with it for free. I'm looking for an air filter + housing myself if anyone's got one.

Tim said...

Did he ever find one? I might have this. Let me know.

adamdmacy said...

Wow, late to the game I am. If you are still looking I have 2 hanging out not doing anything. They are of the wind up variety. macymex AT gmail DOT com

meyetch said...

I have two whole parts bikes available. Write me here and I can send photos:

I live in Middle Tennessee.

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