Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Honda Express Electrical Wiring Diagram

Honda Express Moped Electrical Wiring Diagram
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I thought many of you could find this Honda Express scooter wiring diagram useful. This honda moped wiring schematic shows everything from headlight, to moped battery, to alternator, to scooter tail-light, and more.

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Unknown said...


Could you help me find a left crank case for my 1978 Honda Express?


jfk said...

Hey Robert,

I made a post especially for you! I'll do my best to help you get the best (cheap) deal.


Anonymous said...

I need help! I've been working on my 1978 Honda Express for a month now and have it to the point where it should run, except for one problem. The spark plug isn't sparking. I got a new battery and charged it. So I'm guessing there has to be something wrong with the ignition coil? Do you have any ideas? I just want my express to run!


P.S. you can respond to my email if you'd like:

jfk said...

Here are some guesses or tips that might help:

- Get a new spark plug (if you haven't)
- Check spark plug gap (page 8-6 manual)
- Clean the moped ignition point (see one of my recent posts for how to video on that)
- Take off all your wiring connectors and clean with wire-brush and electrical connector cleaner... then re-attach. Could be corroded connector.
- Check out the "Contact Breaker Point Gap" and other ingition inspections/adjustments in Honda Manual (page 8-4)
- Try testing ignition coil (see page 20-2 in Honda Shop Manual - found on this site)

Let me know how it turns out.


Unknown said...

Hi i am having trouble with my electrical system on my 1980 honda express NC50 i replaced the ehadlight and it turned on suddenly and then boom nothing. i used to have blinkers and a horn and now none of that works either... I replaced the fuse to the battery i am just wondering if there is anything else i could check?

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