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Honda Express Moped nc50 Battery - 6N2-2A 6V 2Ah Motorcycle Battery

IT'S MOPED SEASON AGAIN!!! That's right. I am sure it is different depending on where you are, but in New England it has been warm (enough) and sunny to break-out my Honda Express Moped and do some real riding.

Any moped enthusiast can tell you the first step for a new season is honda nc50 maintenance. Time to check the tire pressure and moped oil, check the transmission gear oil, check the moped/motorcycle battery, check your fuel, and so on. Well after checking my honda scooter battery, I noticed the levels were down.

A 1978 Honda Express NC50 moped will take a 6N2-2A 6V 2Ah Motorcycle Battery for a replacement. But, where do you get one? That's a good question. Well, I have done the shopping around for you. You can find dozens of replacement batteries on Ebay or just plain searching on Google. Here is the best deal I found:
UPG 6N2-2A 6V 2Ah Motorcycle Battery
Replaces 6N2-2A (acid included)
Price: $7.95 (s/h $12.34)
10% Off New Customer Coupon Code: 10P52307ft
Click HERE to purchase battery.
Here are some specs on the honda nc50 6N2-2A scooter battery:
  • Output Voltage: 6V
  • Amperage: 2Ah
  • Brand: UPG
  • Chemistry: Flooded
  • Length: 2.75" (69.85mm)
  • Width: 1.88" (47.75mm)
  • Height: 3.75" (95.25mm)
  • Warranty Life: 1yr
  • Model Number: 41500
  • UPC: 806593415005
  • Fits: Fits: Honda 50 NA50 Express II 1979, Honda 50 NC50 Express 1978 - 1979
If you maintain the battery, like storing indoors over winter or using trickle charge... should last few years. Please feel free to post if you have or know of a better price for these batteries.

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chuck said...

Hey, i'm real new to these HondaNC50 and i freakin' love them, but i have no idea where to purchase one, can ya help me out in locating a seller? Within Illinois, if you can, but just a lead would be nice.

jfk said...

Chuck... you're in luck!
Here is a Honda Express Moped posting in Chicago:
Honda Express Mopeds (2) - $500 (Lake Bluff)

I have two Honda Expresses for sale. One orange and one yellow. These are perfect for metra communting since the fit in a standard bike rack. 50cc, no license required. They both have front baskets. The scooters are located at my cabin in Door County, but if there is interest, I will deliver for veiwing free of charge. I just don't have the space to store locally. Both have less than 2000 miles.

The yellow one is a 1980 (turn signals) and the orange one is 1979 (no turn signals). Both have clear Wisconsin titles and the price is for each moped.

Will update this post with new information. Picture is of a Honda Express.


PLEASE POST if it turns out that you buy them.

idyl images and words said...

Hi, I just bought an '81 NX50. Pretty awesome. Unfortunately it's leaking gas out of a couple places. I think I've got all the parts tracked down except for the alternator gasket.,, and no longer carry it. Do you have any suggestions? Is there a way to make my own out of another gasket?

Your site has proved to be incredibly helpful so far, especially with servicing the carb.


p.s. could you reply to my gmail:


Unknown said...

So I'm seeing that the battery needs to have the acid added and then needs to be charged. Most of the places I've looked at says that a dealer needs to do that. Is this true and how much should I expect to pay for that service? Or do you think it's something I could do at home?

jfk said...


You don't add acid to an older battery. From what I have read, you should refill the battery with DISTILLED WATER (purchase at any walmart or grocery store) so the levels are between MAX and MIN. Don't refill with acid. I am not a professional, but I think that hinders the effectiveness of an older battery. IF the battery is brand new, then you must add the acid and then fully charge. You can pickup a small ATV/MOTORCYCLE batter charger for like $10 at Walmart and return it when you're done. You can do this at home.

GO HERE FOR SIMPLE HOW TO on refilling your honda express moped battery:

Unknown said...

could i replace a 6v battery with a 12v in my 78 nc50?

jfk said...


VERY, VERY good question. I asked myself the same thing a while ago. Hypothetically, YES (from my limited electrical knowledge). Since I ramped up my ped from 49cc to 70cc, I have been generating more volts. This is causing the headlight and tail-lights to blow when I reach high RPMs.

If you decide to transition to a 12volt system (which I am thinking I will) you will have to replace all your bulbs (that you don't want burned out) to 12volts. Also, from my understanding the battery acts as a regulator to keep the voltage around 6volts. If you want to run a 12volt system then you would have to add another 6volt battery to the mix. Kinda' awkward and they don't make 12volt batteries the same size at the 6volt. You would probably have to mount the 2nd battery on the rear rack or something.

Continue to follow this blog... I will be doing some posting soon on converting to 12volts. I have already started converting the bulbs to 12volt as seen in this post:

I am going to be adding a 12volt DC Regulator to the electrical system... to ensure my magneto doesn't generate over 12volts and blow the headlight bulbs (or should I say LEDs.. oh yeah). I'll let you know how it goes.

What state are you from Andrew?


Unknown said...

They dont have these on the site any more. Any idea where to pick one up for cheap?


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