Friday, May 28, 2010

Honda Express Engine Cylinder Head Gasket | How To Replace

How to replace a cylinder head gasket on a Honda Express moped is brought to us by Bakirkwold. He is a fellow honda nc50 scooter enthusiast and has brought us such videos as kick-start conversion on honda scooter express and muffler performance tuning on honda express.

In this video Bakirkwold has previously removed cylinder head for cleaning and replacement of new piston. He broke the seal/gasket when removing the honda noped head. When he put it back together, unfortunately, he used Permatex Ultrablack Gasket Maker (<= DO NOT USE). Basically, the point of the video is that he used the Permatex gasket maker and due to temperature, friction, application, or who knows... it didn't seal properly. His nc 50 moped was loosing compression and dropping his honda moped top speed. So, this time around Bakirkwold purchased a genuine honda express cylinder head gasket part from local parts store for only $5.99. Well worth the money and much less headache.

Check out all his videos. He is a true credit to the Honda Express moped race!

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