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Moped Scooter Extra Gas Tank | Auxiliary Fuel Tank | Carry More Fuel | Ideas

Auxiliary Fuel Tank might be a good idea if you plan to take long/touring trips with your Express Moped. The 1978 Honda Express nc50 moped has a fuel (gasoline) capacity of 2 liters or .53 US gallons. If you get approximately 80 miles to 1 US gallon for fuel consumption... that means you can get approximately 42.4 miles on one tank. Granted, you will probably have used your reserve (which is 0.2 liters or .053 US gallons). The reserve (again using a 80mil/gal estimate) will get you 4.24 miles if you're lucky.

You also need to take into account that any honda moped performance modifications you might have made, could increase your fuel consumption to 50-60 miles/gallon. That is a generalization because I haven't done a before and after comparison on moped gasoline consumption. If you engine "kitted" your moped (ie. you replaced the stock 49cc with 60cc, 70cc, or higher) then you will obviously be using more fuel because there is a large area of displacement and you're going faster (faster = more fuel... in a tuned honda moped bike).


I hear you. Don't worry, we can't all assume there will be gas stations along our moped scooter route. I have done some extensive research and there are solutions! Here are just a few:

  • MSR Fuel Bottle with CRP Cap - ($19.95 + shipping - can be found for less $$$ on internet) With various fuel capacities (ex: 11, 20, and 30 fl. oz.), this aluminum bottle stores and transports your fuel.

  • ROTOPAX - ($49.95 1 Gal - plus shipping) Our 1 Gallon packs are the perfect size to attach to your motorcycle for your all day outdoor rides. We have a lot of different mounting options available. Whether you are a farmer or rancher, outdoors enthusiast, winter sports advocate or whatever your needs, we have a mounting option for you.

  • Motion Pro Auxiliary Fuel Tank - ($49.95) Includes 4 ft. of 1/4 inch fuel line and an 1/4 inch in-line fuel barb. Holds up to 2000cc or 1/2 gallon of fluid.

  • MAIER ENDURO — ATV JUGS - 1 QUART - ($6.50 + shipping) Jugs constructed of polypropylene and designed to fit 3/8’’ to 1/2’’ dia. crossbars or mount to flat surfaces on ATV fenders. Nylon strap with quick release Velcro® holds jug to a bracket that won't rotate.

  • Blitz Gas Can - ($6 found at most stores) Standard plastic jug you could get at Walmart in 1 gallon size. Just strap to your back express moped rack, above gas tank.

  • Tour Tank - ($159 + shipping) - Cool, but WAY too expensive. 1.5 Gallon Tour Tank, (6-inches x 16-inches), Aluminum Tank comes with:, Black Steel Brackets, Non -Vented Cap, Vent Tube in Filler Neck, 1/4NPT Threaded Outlet Centered.

At this point, the MAIER ENDURO — ATV JUGS - 1 QUART looks like the best choice to carry more gas on moped. Unfortunately, I can't find anywhere to purchase them!!! I have been scouring the internet with no results! If anyone knows where to get them, please post comment.

The runner-up choice is a MSR Fuel Bottle with CRP Cap. You can find these all over the internet and local camping stores. I really liked the Maier Enduro because it came with strap and was constructed to fit on a cross-bar. Ah well... can't win them all.

Whatever you decide to purchase and use... please make sure you attach it safely to honda moped parts and use all safety precautions.

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BakedandAwake said...

I ride a Honda Runaway (Urban Express Deluxe) and I carry an old army surplus aluminum canteen with extra fuel in it. They usually come with a canvas pouch with a belt loop or metal hooks attached, for attaching the canteen to a webbed belt and are easily adapted to stay secured to my front or rear racks on the bike. I think the thing cost me under 5 bucks, holds maybe a litre of extra fuel.

jfk said...

Steve, NICE idea! And, very cheap. I ended up going with dual MSR 30oz bottles mounted to the down-tube on my frame (approx 2 liters of extra fuel). I will post some pictures soon. The bottles were like $20 a piece and the hardware to mount was only $5-$8 bucks (can buy at Home Depot). Thanks for sharing your idea!

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