Friday, March 18, 2011

Honda Express Moped Tires | 2.25-14 | 14" x 2.24" | Scooter Tires for Sale Online


Is your honda express moped ready? How about those tires your going to be putting endless miles on? When the rubber meets the road, you're going to need some new honda tires. Most likely your express tires are bald or even cracked. This can prove to be dangerous, unsightly, and even decrease your honda nc50 top speed. You need traction... and well... something to spruce up the old ped.

Look no further. Stop endlessly searching on or You can't buy this tire at any old bike shop. The 1978 honda express moped takes one-size: 14" x 2.24". Where can I get them already? Geeze... I'll tell you:

Kenda 14" x 2.25" Tire
Moped Brand: Universal, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki
Price: $21.10 per tire (+shipping)


Need the 1978 Express nc50 Tire Inner Tube Too?


5 noped comments:

Unknown said...

Hey, I know it's unrelated but I've got to find a new crankshaft case backing quick, or a new transmission, can you help me? It's the last step I need before I get my baby running


jfk said...


Have you checked out the parts section of this website?

Your other good bets are or Anywhere else, you might get ripped off.


Unknown said...

You can get a tire that's very similar or the same @ For two with shipping it's $32.51.

jfk said...

Nice post Eli! Thanks for the better price!


Scott said...

did you buy these tires yet? and where? Bike bandit did not show kenda for a 14 inch.
I too have been looking for trials tires. We ride a lot on grass and dirt roads. gets a litte crazy with wet grass and stock tires.

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