Thursday, March 24, 2011

Moped LEDs Lights | Headlight | 6V/12V Super Bright LEDs for Noped Scooter

So, I've been thinking... Could I replace my current honda express moped headlight bulb with a SUPER BRIGHT LED blub? Well, we will find out. I recently ordered a

9 LED #68-x9 with 1157 base

from The measurements of the #68-9x bulb are detailed on the the following scooter LED specification image from the website: 

But that's a 12 volt LED bulb? Yes, that's right. Recently I "kitted" (ie. I replaced the cylinder and piston head in the motor) my NC50 moped and have been blowing out my honda 6v bulbs. My moped performance tuning caused me to go from a 49cc engine to a 70cc with no carburetor change.

You can only use one of these LED headlight bulbs if you have purchased a converted Honda express headlight.

Several forum posts from other moped owners have suggested converting entirely to a 12 volt electrical system, or... just swap the bulbs out with 12 volt ones. Personally, I have experienced problems starting my moped after having blown out the headlight. It will start, but not without LOTS of trying (and feeling like an idiot in the process).

So, all-in-all I am going to try replacing the standard honda express moped 6V 18/18W (fyi... 18/18W notation is for LOW/HIGH beam values of wattage). I'm going to try the "Cool White" led bulb with the following values:

Part NO: 68-W9
Emitting Color: Cool White
Operating Voltage Range Unit: VDC: 9~14.8
Current Draw @ 12 Volts Unit: mA: 13/44
Single LED Luminous Intensity Unit: mcd: 6300
Dominant Wavelength / CCT* UNIT: nm: 8500
Beam Pattern Unit: degrees: 15/100
Price Each Unit: USD: $4.99 (+shipping)

I don't know a lot about electricity, voltage, watts, amperage, etc... but it's worth playing around with. You have to pay attention when ordering... the moped light LED bulb needs to have a #1157 BASE. This allows you the ability for HIGH/LOW settings when using the bulb. I did order a 67-x15 with 1156 base (12v) for my tail light.

I plan to report back my findings. If you're smarter than me when it comes to electricity... you can purchase your own Honda express bulbs and parts here:  

12 noped comments:

Andrew said...

would this click right in for the taillight tho?

jfk said...

We'll find out! I'm pretty sure. I just got them on Saturday. I hope to get some time this week to install them. I'll takes some pictures or video and post.

nickerachi said...

Will you be posting more detail on the 70cc kit install process? Would love to see the details of that!!

jfk said...


I need that kind of motivation!! I hope to begin video editing this week.

Stay Tuned (Ha!... there's a moped phun there too),

Troy said...

Why did you decide on the 12 V versions? I found these on the site:

1157-W19-6V: Cool White 100 Degree 6VDC
1156-R19-6V: Red 100 Degree 6VDC

Which should fit the headlight and taillight respectively.

Also, the headlight conversion bulbs have a wrap around them to be fit snuggly in the headlight. How did you get it in the headlamp without it falling into it?

jfk said...


A number of reasons including the fact since I kitted my express it runs way over 6volts and I kept blowing lights. I was unable to find a voltage regulator @ 6v... only 12v. So, I just upgraded the electrical to 12v.

I wouldn't want to spend the $$$ and find I blew my 6v LEDs.

Good question about the headlamp/headlight. The 6v bulbs that came with the headlight conversion kit (found on this site) came with bulbs that have a metal ring around them. I removed the metal ring and fit to new LED bulb. Not perfect by any means, but it holds it well enough in the conversion headlamp.

Hope that helps! Please come back and post your results if you buy and install the 6v LEDs.


nickerachi said...


I'm looking to make the LED upgrades on the 6v system, too. If you go for it, please do post!

keaton85 said...

I'm currently converting my NC50 6V into a 12V full LED system with an SLA battery. I have just ordered all the parts, so when everything comes in I will let you know how it works out. Also converted my headlight to an H7 fitting since I have a ton on hand...

HDpayneO said...

I'm fairly new to the noped world. I bought mine 79 nc50 early this summer. Its in great working condition but the lights keep blowing out. Since my battery was dead and not even hooked up i took it out. Will this possibly have anything to do with it. I'm going to pull a lot of wiring today to make sure I do not have any shorts.

robertw006 said...

so, what are the results? is it as bright as the old bulb?

@troy did you but the LEDs? do they work ok in your express?

Shaun Marsh said...

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Anonymous said...

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