Monday, April 4, 2011

14 x 2.25 Tire Honda Express Moped Tube | How To Install

Honda Express Moped Tire and Tube Installation Video:

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5 noped comments:

nickerachi said...

Quick question.... did you reuse the original cotter pin when you put the tire back on? I saw in the manual that you should use a new pin when changing the tire, but I haven't seen any online. Are there new ones available for this?

jfk said...


Yes... I used the original cotter pin. You don't need to special order them. Just go to VIP parts or PepBoys. They are pretty common. I actually lost one and bent and used a metal framing nail.


Unknown said...

Tires are outta stock

jfk said...

In stock here: will restock soon. Just have to be patient.


steve said...

Wanted oem if possible front wire basket for a 78 nc50 or similiar.
email Steve please with price and shipping to 99507 Anchorage, Alaska

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