Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Proud Argentinian's 1981 NC50 Honda Express Ride

Check out this Argentinian's sick ride. He rides daily and loves!
Sick honda nc exhaust.
technigas exhaust
I'm trying to find out where he got it. Looks like it was a welded job, like this guy's noped:

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cincymoped said...

Hey JFK, It's good to see a new post. I was wondering, what kind of increase in performance can you expect with an exhaust like that? A friend is trying to trade his tomos bi-turbo exhaust. First off, would a tomos exhaust even fit on my 1980 Honda Express? Second, what difference would a bi-trubo exhaust make compared to just modifying the stock muffler as shown on this site? Thanks!

JB said...

Looks like the Next R model.

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