Monday, September 22, 2014

Honda Express Muriatic Acid Wash / Seized Cylinder Repair

How To perform a Muriatic acid wash on a Honda Express NC50 DR Racing 70cc (46mm) cylinder jug.

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Honda Express Moped nc50 1978 engine cylinder repair using Muriatic acid wash technique. Highly caustic and dangerous! Will even dissolve iron. This amateur attempt is used to repair a multiple soft-seized Honda Express Moped cylinder jug. The object is to use the acid to remove the aluminum left by soft-seize on cylinder jug wall. DO NOT ATTEMPT. DO AT OWN RISK. NOT LIABLE FOR ANYTHING SHOWING IN VIDEO.

With all that being said... Here are links to the items I used to perform this Honda express cylinder jug repair:
Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions on video, process, and/or any questions.

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